Environmental Portraits

A portrait can be many things to many people. For me, a portrait needs to include the environment, for a person's surroundings speak worlds of information about the sitter. Using my 5x7 inch wooden Kodak ensures that every inch of the surroundings will be in focus; and stopping down to f45 and opening the shutter for several seconds or even minutes means that the sitter is likely to be a bit soft. For me, the softness allows the inner person to be seen, a vision of the ageless spirit we all have inside us.
Antje Kaiser    
Billy Ray Russell    
Dan Senn    
Dick and Jane's Spot    
Gary Rice    
John Logan Harter    
Larry Dahl    
Lynn Dinino    
Richard Beyer    
Tom Yody    
Wally Warren    
John Bennett    
The Skagit 12    
Michael Clough    
Cathy Schoenberg