The Camera

The camera I use is a 5"x7" S.I. Mark II Ground Camera made by Kodak in London during the 1940's. The lens is a 1930's Dagor 130mm Anastigmat in a Compur shutter. All exposures are at f45, and the shutter speeds are 1 second and longer. Prints are on 11"x14" and 16"x20" paper and archivally processed.

Printing from such a large negative means that my images have no apparent grain, and are sharp from corner to corner, as well as a full range of saturated tonality. Unfortunately, the internet is not yet capable of reproducing the images with any hint of the clarity or tonality of the originals.

I am proud, in this digital age, to be among the dwindling number of people using a wooden camera.

the back

the front