In 1978, I first opened the gallery Open Mondays. I chose the name to reflect my hours, for knowing that I could not spend 40 hours a week sitting a gallery, I intended to be open weekends and Mondays only.

The original focus of the gallery was Northwest Photography. And after 5 years, I decided to call it quits as I was truly unable to build much of an audience in this town with my unorthodox hours and a location away from the gallery neighborhood of Pioneer Square. A lot of the supporters I did have were painters and sculptors, who really thought I was doing something unique. So I decided as a thank you to these people, to keep the gallery open for one more year, and offer them shows, not of the art they were known for, but to build installations specifically for my space. Everyone I asked was quick to say yes, and a few who weren't in my circle of friends also volunteered to fill my space. It was a very rich and rewarding year for me.

Here are some images from a few of the shows installed between March, 1983 and March, 1984, when I closed the gallery on its 6th anniversary.

John Logan Harter    
Angie Dixon    
Cathy Schoenberg    
Jon Mueller    
C. W. Potts