Videos by Ken Slusher (b. 1947 d. 2014)

Digital technology has made it possible for video to be a one person medium; and therefore made video available to me! Documentary is still my thing!


John Logan Harter: Northwest Surrealist     11m24s         Thoughts of the artist behind the paintings, and more than a hundred reproductions of this very prolific and significant Northwest artist. While John talks about his ideas on art, the viewer is treated to a wide variety of styles and wonderful bright colors from John's more than 35 year career.                        

The Seike Garden: An American Story     27m10s         Built in 1961 as a tribute to a family member killed in WWII, the Seike Garden is a beautiful example of the traditional Japanese garden. This video traces the garden from inception to its recent brush with extinction in the name of progress, and the efforts of community members working with 4 governments to save and move the garden.                        

From the Soapbox     16m19s         A collaboration with the Cannabis Consumers Campaign, this video explores contemporary attitudes about marijuana usage and the connections between marijuana, medicine, and civil rights through interviews with more than 30 consumers and one non-consumer. Produced at the Seattle Hempfest 2003.                        

Raising the 307     11m55s         On March 28, 2002, the last of the Boeing 307 Stratoliners, which had just finished six years of restoration, crash landed in Elliot Bay after losing power in all four engines. The next day, Ken Slusher spent nine hours watching and videotaping as the Stratoliner was raised out of the water and placed on a barge.         image not available              

One Day, the President Came to Town     23m17s         When activists learned that Bush was coming to Seattle on August 22, 2003, they had less than 3 weeks to plan an "unwelcoming" reception. This video is about 2 of the 3 resulting protests, with the 'Billionaires' street theater; a 'conversation' when Bush protestors invade a nearby pro-Bush demo; the speakers and march on Saturday.                        

War and the Rise of Christian Fascism     53m03s         This talk by Rev. Rich Lang of Seattle explores the confusion of these times, and how the neo conservatives in the White House use the bible to justify their actions. His ideas are well presented, and well documented; the presentation both entertaining and enlightening. The talk is followed by Stan Is Love singing his Talking Election Blues.                        

March 22, 2003-Seattle     11m39s         4 days into the Iraq war, the 3rd day of peace demonstrators' 7 day vigil, there had been no violence by demonstrators, but that didn't deter the Seattle police from some rather brutal violence of their own making, ending by herding demonstrators to Pioneer Square and keeping them there under armed guard. (additional video footage by Ed Mays)                        

Give Peace a Chance     18m34s         A documentary of the Seattle peace movement, Dec 2002 thru Feb 16, 2003. Excerpts from public speeches and interviews with people on the streets give insight into many of the reasons people don't want war.                        

Pot Pride!     17m24s         The largest pro marijuana political rally in the world happens in Seattle, and this video gives the viewer an excellent view of the event and of the pro pot movement in the United States in August, 2002.

And yes, I do.

Doin' the Fremont

Parade 1999

        Two videos for the price of one, these are behind the scenes looks at two of Seattle's favorite events, the Fremont Street Fair and the Solstice Parade. Listen to interviews of people responsible for these popular events, watch as floats are built and the fair gets ready, then sit back and enjoy the Fremont Street Fair and Solstice Parade.                        

Son et Lumiere: Volunteer Park Archeologies     52m         Son et Lumiere: Volunteer Park Archeologies was a collaboration with sound and video artist Dan Senn. Funded by the King County Arts Commission, it was presented at the conservatory (pictured) in Volunteer Park on 16 monitors placed among the plants. The program was stories gathered by the artists from 11 gardeners, ages 35 - 95, about gardening, food storage and general frugality. The 1st part of this video is a documentary of the installation (10m). The 2nd part is the stories (42m).